Skin Simplicity.


Hi friends! It’s been quite a few weeks since I’ve managed to chalk up a post. I now know what the true meaning of “busy” is and I kind of love it. Over the past few months I’ve really come a long way in balancing out my life so I can get a little sugar & spice in between my two jobs. And a kick ass gym schedule, too, which keeps me sane (for the most part.) Some days I still think I’d like to hook myself up to a coffee IV and see what the outcome is. Maybe by my next post I’ll have something to report back on that dealio.

Anyways, I just wanted to do an updated (by request) skin care routine that I’ve been following for quite a while now. Not completely sure how long I’ve been doing what I do in regards to this “updated” routine, so we’ll just throw out a guestimate and say six months. I did a post a few weeks ago on the things I take internally, so today I  just want to touch the basics of my external route. Although do keep in mind that it’s what you put into your body that is the most important, but you knew that.


Hello skin – the biggest organ that the human body has! Thank you sixth-grade science for helping me sound intelligent!

For a cleanser, I usually just stick with my go-to for prettymuch every inch of skin on my body – coconut oil. It’s the perfect makeup remover, facial cleanser and toner all in one. Seriously, don’t knock it til you try it – and for the record, it’s not pore-clogging. I find it actually removes nasties from my skin and really gets every little spec of the day off of my face. I appreciate that.

As far as a soap-like cleanser, only once a day will I use Allafia’s Neem & Shea Recovery Facial Cleanser (you can find  this at Whole Foods – super affordable and super incredible.) Once a week, I’ll do a facial mask or scrub to exfoliate. Exfoliation isn’t necessary everyday – when you over-exfoliate, you actually cause your skin to produce more oil, thus causing acne and other irritations. Be gentle when you cleanse!

As far as a moisturizer, immediately after washing and gently patting my  face dry with a soft towel, I use  Allafia’s Neem & Shea Facial Cream.  Again, super affordable at Whole Foods (I’m sure they have it online as well.) I mix this with rosehip oil at night to ease redness and scarring. A few times a week I only moisturize with a mix of oils on my face & neck – rosehip and tamanu oil with a little bit of vegetable glycerin to help the oils seep into my skin.

For me, the simpler & gentler, the better. I have the most success when I don’t over-complicate my skin care routine and find that I don’t need to spend a ton of money and time to get results. A lot of people get frustrated and impatient when it comes to skin care. Just be patient, find a routine and stick with it for at least three to six months, changes don’t happen miraculously overnight (or even over a week) no matter what that bottle, jar or commercial promises.

Cheers to that!

What’s your current skin care favorite?

Peace and love!


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  • The Delicate Place

    oooh i cannot use coconut oil. i have combo skin and it plugs up the oily parts on me! i use acure organics cleanser, eminence tonique and use emu or argan oil to moisturize as a night treatment. my ‘moisturizer’ for the daytime is my boscia bb cream. once a week i use a sandalwood face pack with yogurt, honey and sometimes tumeric. my face has never been better! totally agree that less/simple skincare is the way to go!

  • Holly Price

    Love love love coconut oil! I definitely need to try Maca! One of my best friends just started taking it this past week, and after reading what you put about it and the benefits, I want to try it out!

  • J

    Ooh you are so pretty! I need to be careful to not over-exfoliate. Have a nice day :)